Electronic ballast t5 14w

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High efficient, quiet and flicker free . Wham Lamp F8TF14TF21TF28TF35TFluorescent 120VAC . X 14W High Frequency Ballast.

High frequency electronic ballasts with cathode preheating (war instant start). This ballast is part of the electronic range. Helvar offers a full range of high quality electronic and magnetic ballasts. Get best price and read about. Electronic Ballasts for TFluorescent Lamps-.

Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. This is a special combination because normally these fluorescent lamps are for electronic ballasts only. Lamps, Input Current (mA), Power Factor (l).

W, 14W , 35W, THE,. W, 28W, THE, 14 ≥ 0. These ballasts are ideal for occupancy . Tand Tare fluorescent tubes. Aurora are a highly respected lighting manufacturer and all of these ballasts have been listed at a great price.

If you can open the fitting? A lot of Tballasts will run anything from a 14W to 39W lamps. Tlamps need special ballasts to operate. In most cases, the Tballasts will not work with Tor Tlamps, although at least one manufacturer offers electronic. ORO-P TELECTRONIC BALLAST.

Browse our latest Lighting Ballasts offers. Be the first to review this product. Life of the lamp increased For lamps : GT: 1x 13w, 1x 14w , G24Q DE : 1x 10w, . The PPTC device is connected in the LC series . Silver Light SET TLuminaries.