Extreme universal cleaner

Additional information . Universalt alkalisk vaske- og rensemiddel til ikke- sugende overflater i det maritime miljø. Til rengjøring av gelcoat-, stål-, glass- og. EXTREME UNIVERSAL CLEANER. High-alkaline, phosphate-free, quick-separating high-performance cleaning concentrate for very contaminated areas on alkaline-resistant surfaces.

Dette produktet har vi testet ut på blåser og gummibåter.

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Can also be used for hand cleaning. All guns require regular maintenance and cleaning to remain functional. These are all signs of extreme fouling and indicate that maintenance is needed.

At Rameder, you will find the product Bio Power Cleaner extreme cleaning power ,. There is no universal cleaning technique performed by all vacuum . Trade name: UNIVERSAL CLEANER 1SPRAY. POWERFUL UNIVERSAL FOAM CLEANER. Powerwipes – cleaning wipes for extreme soiling.

Specifically designed cleaning kit contains all the components necessary for. NACASA Universalreiniger is suitable for the gentle cleaning of. In case of extreme soiling, use pure universal. It has a stainless steel three . With the CARAVANTI universal cleaning polish, you can effortlessly remove extreme insect remains, soot particles, exhaust stains, dullness caused by weather . AUTOCLEAN-HD PLUS: High pressure cleaning concentrate for extreme soiling.

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