En isoterm er en linje med lik eller konstant temperatur på en graf, et plott eller et kart. En slik linje blir også kalt en isoplett. Isotermer blir oftest sett på værkart for . Det motsatte tilfellet, der varme blir utvekslet med omgivelsene slik at temperaturen er konstant, blir kalt en isoterm prosess. Siden temperatur er termodynamisk .

I (V,p) koordinatsystemet vil den isoterme kurve være en hyperbel. Ved en isoterm proces er temperaturen konstant. Dette betyder nødvendigvis også at gassens indre energi er konstant, for det er alene temperaturen der . A line of equal or constant temperature on a graph or chart, such as a weather map. Een isotherm is een getekende lijn die punten met eenzelfde (lucht- of water) temperatuur verbindt op een.

Isotherm Marine Refrigeration by Indel Webasto Marine features marine refrigerators and freezers for boats, yachts, and sail including built-in and travel boxes, . Tilsvarende er en isobar prosess en prosess med konstant trykk, og en isoterm prosess en prosess hvor temperaturen er konstant.

The Temkin isotherm describes heterogeneous protein adsorption. Johnson RD(1), Arnold FH. Langmuir_adsorption_model.

Proper coal desorption and sorption isotherm work can quantify the amount of each species and generate a composite isotherm representative . Also from Freundlich Isotherm model, the sorption intensity (n) which indicates favourable . MP-Method is an extension of the t-Plot method. It extracts micropore volume distribution information from the experimental isotherm. AB i reversibel isoterm prosess: B. Moreover, a new isotherm model has been presented which is in good agreement. The pure component isotherm data were fitted to the Sips equation, while the binary equilibria were studied by the extended Sips equation as . I would like to fit my adsorption isotherm data with a Redlich-Peterson model, but I am confused as to how to determine the alpha values, Could someone . The plots below show Howmuller diagram of SST (left) and depth of 20C isoterm (right) along the equator from the ocean analysis. Abstract: The Dubinin-Radushkevitch (D-R) equation, which was originally proposed as an empirical adaptation The Polanyi adsorption potential theory, has . BET (Brunauer Emmet Teller) Adsorption Isotherm.

Assumptions in the BET theory.

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