Microfiber pads

XdiOZ7Aek_w Lignende 10. Lastet opp av Chemical Guys Some cars are harder to polish than others. Soft paint finishes polish out quickly, but hard paint finishes take.

Rupes er kjent for å sette trender, og deres revolusjonerende nye mikrofiber cutting og polering pads fortsette denne tradisjonen. Designet og produsert i sin .

One of the easiest buffing pad systems available on the market! FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Microfiber Buffing Pads. A – Buff and Shine has re-invented the microfiber pad ! POCKET-PRO MICROFIBER POCKET MOP. ULTRA AGGRESSOR MICROFIBER PAD.

The Rupes BigFoot polishers are amazing tools that enable detailers and car . Exceptional cutting power that removes swirls while finishing down crystal clear.

Scratches and swirls on your finish will run and hide. I lost the pads that came with the steamer after I move so I needed to get some more. Fast shipping and the product is perfect. Length of ownership: year or . Our products have protected and cared . Meguiars DA microfiber system is a brand new development in correction using a dual action polisher. When these pads were introduced they really could be . Ultra plush and machine washable.

From pet hair to dust balls, microfiber pads attract dirt like a magnet. The tiny polyester and nylon fibers in the pads are positively charge causing dust , with its . Velcro fasteners on the pads make removal easy for cleaning. Hvorfor kjøpe dette produktet?

Washing, Dusting, Finish. Environmentally friendly and machine washable. These dust mops feature hook-and-loop backing, for use with microfiber bases. Cut-end microfiber with fringe picks up larger dust . Pads can be washed and reused over and over and stay soft to gently clean .

Extends floor life of floor finish without any . The Bona Pro Series professional grade microfiber cleaning, applicator, and dusting pads for use with the Bona Professional Series Hardwood and Stone, Tile . Den nye microfiber teknologien gir bra cut og bra finish og kan brukes til både roterende og .