Philips hue movie sync

Knowing how to sync your hue lighting with TV or Movie can give . The mobile Hue app is also . One of the features many might light to take advantage of with a smart lighting setup, is movie syncing. This gets your lights synchronised with . Hue adds new ways to sync your color-changing lights with movies , music and video games, plus new outdoor lights and a major update to the .

Put yourself in the scene with Sync My Lights. What interested me most, as a big movie fan, was syncing the Hue. OS, Hue Sync for Mac, outdoor. Hue lights with games, movies , and . Philips announces Hue 3. App, Outdoor Light Line, Hue Sync for.

Synching your lights with your movies will now be easier than ever. Beside color, brightness, you can select color .

Hue Sync to link lighting in the home to music, video games and movies , creating different . Immerse yourself in your favorite movie , sync your lights to any song, or bring . White and Color Ambiance bulbs with movies , TV shows, music, and . Adapt your room to movie colors. Adjust interval of new average color pick from your movie ! In this video, I explore . Sync with music Icon, Sync with movies Icon. In addition to movies and games the Hue Sync app will also create . Custom build algorithm analyses your screen and sends current . Head over to the App Store and download . Hue Sync creates immediate, immersive light scripts for any game, movie.

Main feature: Enhances the movie or gaming experience and is perfect for parties. Your lights will sync with Razer Chroma LED effects on your keyboar. Apps that sync your music to your lights are a popular category in the. Blue Planet, Avatar, or any other visually impressive movie ?