Wool dryer balls

Wool dryer balls are a great way to soften fabric, dry laundry faster, and save a little money. Learn how to make wool dryer balls , then save time, money, and energy by tossing four to six felted balls in with each dryer load. They also reduce static. These things look like overgrown tennis balls, made of 1 wool yarn, that overtime becomes “felte” making them . I have found an amazing alternative to dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener!


Do wool dryer Balls cut down drying time? This video shows how they work, explores the noise level. Save time and money, reduce static cling and ditch toxic fabric softeners by learning how to make wool dryer balls. Homemade wool dryer balls that are easy to make. A natural way to shorten drying time, reduce static and wrinkles, and soften clothes.

The warm, dry air moves through the spaces . Ditch those dryer sheets and stop buying liquid fabric softener too. The wool dryer balls will provide the softening effect you need and will save you money in the . This set of dryer balls are made of 1 premium New Zealand wool.

Reduce drying time, control static cling. Finally, I decided to give them a try . Our dryer balls are made in the United States on a small farm in North Carolina. The balls are felted from 1 wool from the United States. Wool Dryer Balls can also reduce your dry time by 10-. Baby-safe, non-allergenic and 1 natural wool dryer balls made in the USA.

Sustainable laundry alternative to traditional dryer sheets. COST EFFECTIVE DRYER BALLS – Decreases drying time by – per load saving you money. No more hard plastic balls that shed nibs or smell like toxic . Environmentally friendly pure wool dryer balls are a natural way to shorten your drying time.

Handcrafted on our Sheep Farm in Nova Scotia, Canada. Shop with confidence on eBay! Canadian Wool , handmade in Vancouver, BC. WEB EXCLUSIVE A pure, natural alternative to conventional flammable, chemical-drenched dryer sheets, our handmade dryer balls will reduce static, cut drying.

Perfect for those with sensitive . Our wool dryer balls will soften and fluff your laundry naturally without any of the . Woolzies wool dryer balls , a set of are handmade from New Zealand wool. Want to green up your laundry game?

Make a custom set of felted wool dryer balls ! This easy-to-follow tutorial from Kara on Petals to Picots will .