Bufret Oversett denne siden 18. Many disinfectants are used alone or in combinations (e.g., hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid) in the health-care setting. Looking for online definition of disinfection in the Medical Dictionary? Meaning of disinfection medical term.

Water disinfection means the removal, deactivation or killing of pathogenic microorganisms. Microorganisms are destroyed or deactivate resulting in .

Any process aimed at destroying or removing the infectious capability of pathogenic microbes that generally occur on inanimate objects, is called disinfection. It was marked by its author as Under construction, but last edit is older than days. Why disinfect drinking water?

An effective disinfection. Grundfos pumping solutions for disinfection meet the requirements for purifying drinking water, including chlorination solutions that are available for maintaining. UV disinfection is a physical process that inactivates bacteria, viruses and protozoa in water. Synonyms for disinfection at Thesaurus.

Find descriptive alternatives for disinfection. The disinfection of potable water and wastewater provides a degree of protection from contact with pathogenic organisms including those causing cholera, polio, .

Oversettelse av ordet disinfection fra engelsk til norsk, med synonymer, antonymer, verbbøying, uttale, anagrammer og eksempler på bruk. Disinfection is not sterilization. The filtered water may normally contain some . The goal of disinfection of public water supplies is the elimination of the pathogens that are responsible for waterborne diseases. The transmission of diseases . Need hygienic, pure water? Everything you need – from a. Director, Hospital Epidemiology, Occupational Health and Safety at UNC . Boiling is primarily used in rural areas . Manual disinfection is mainly carried out chemically with different active substances.

It is important to ensure that the exposure time, concentration. Many occasions arise which require the disinfection of small quantities of drinking water. To introduce the principal disinfectants that may be used and highlight key advantages and disadvantages of each.