Led strip

Med lys i meter kan du skape variasjon, det er kun fantasien som setter grenser. Welcome to this LED-supplies. Fargeskiftende LED strip i elegant design til innendørs bruk.

Inkludert fjernkontroll og strømforsyning. Top considerations before buying flexible LED strip lights.

Compare LED strip Lighting . Se det store online utvalget av LED-strips hos BAUHAUS. God kvalitet til lave priser. We also have a large selection of LED strip lighting. These can be cut, interconnected and formed to fit. Våre fleksible lavspenning (24V) LED strips har ett bredt bruksområde.

De kan blant annet brukes som skiltbelysning, rombelysning, bakgrunnsbelysning, . The colour temperature values of white LEDs are indicative and subject to changes.

When using the RGB Ledstrip in line the white mix may not be homogenous. Using our LED-Strips you can make light into a design element for private and professional applications. They create security, show the path, arouse emotions,.

Be creative with your lighting. This LED strip can be used in so many ways – in drawers, behind the TV, by your favorite work of art or under your bed. Navn Koblingsstykke STRIP-STRIP, RGB (SC-ID-C2). Her finner du et utvalg led strips som er tilpasset det norske markedet. Vi fokuserer på lyskvalitet og lysutbytte.

LED Strip Lights and LED Strip Accessories with . Available in custom RAL colours and LED configurations. LED strip made up of 2carefully selected and tested LEDs per metre mounted on a flexible circuit with adhesive backing. Ribbon 2LEDs is suitable for a. Each of these strips are enclosed by a flexible . The most common reason to use LED strip is for decorative purposes or for ambience lighting.

PRE-INSTALLATION GUIDE LED strips make a great addition to any domestic or commercial environment. They can change the mood and look of a space . LED strips are thin conductive circuit ribbons which have tiny surface-mount LEDs (and other components) soldered to them.

On account of this, LED strips are .