Stone powerbank

Putt den i lomma når du skal på stranden, på festival eller bare trenger litt ekstra strøm i en travel hverdag. Attractive, powerful and handy. Les tester og omtaler før du skal kjøpe på nett. Powerbank og nødlader kjøpes billig hos POWER – Nordens nye elektrogigant.

Finn samme lave pris nett og i butikk!

Description: Is it a rock or a powerbank ? Looks like a real piece of nature. This memorable powerbank made in the shape of a pebble is sure to grab your . PERFECT FOR WHEN YOU JUST GOTTA HAVE POWER. This power bank will save your day! Our powerful 1400mAh recharger will have you back up and . Battery level is indicated with lights.

Includes micro USB cable.

Klik her og find den bedste pris nu! Strömlinjeformad som en sten på stranden! Køb den i dag til 39- med gratis fragt. Flot, smart, kraftfuld og fleksibel.

With this small- stone model, finished are the standard models of emergency batteries! Plug in your mobile devices and recharge them with elegance. To Check Remaining Capacity.

Important Safety Instructions. Stone Series Power Bank. Den runda formen gör att den inte nöter i fickan eller väskan och ligger bra i. Uniquely designed like a stone to attract any bystander, this product holds a 14mAh capacity which can charge multiple devices quickly. The round shape means it does not tear holes in your pocket or bag and that it. Choose from our selection of Power Bank.

What are the advantages of external chargers Power Bank – MOSH? FC MIDTJYLLANS STONE POWERBANK. Portable charger with multi devices cable.

Make sure your electronic devices never run out of battery!