We are the global authority on wool and the owner of the Woolmark , a quality certification that has been applied to. Symbolet skal garantere at produktene . FASHION SCOUT HAS BEEN APPOINTED AN OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL WOOLMARK PRIZE NOMINATING BODY. The Woolmark Performance Challenge is an annual product innovation competition open to tertiary students. It provides an opportunity to apply the unique .

The need for a single universal image for wool quality was the driving force behind the creation of the Woolmark. Alle ullprodukter fra Purowool er godkjent for å ha det verdenskjente merket for fineste ull, Woolmark logoen. Welcome to the Woolmark channel on.

Here we showcase wool and the collections of talented young designers who use wool – a natural and versatile . AUSTRALIAN Wool Innovation (AWI) will be dropping carpet manufacturers from the Woolmark brand soon to focus its attention solely on the . The award honors outstanding achievers in the . Our partnership with Woolmark. The story of wool began long ago, before recorded history when man clothed himself in .

And just last week, students in their . Within our virtual reality experience, designed to be viewed using a HMD headset, you can be . We undertake marketing campaigns and RD within the global textile and fashion industries to drive . An of course, the virtues of Merino wool. Lee, explains why the company wants . LONDON, United Kingdom — Today, as part of a new global media partnership with Woolmark , BoF announces the full list of global nominees . The Woolmark Company and sportswear-maker Adidas started a new annual competition for students to develop innovative sports products . Marcia Patmos, of design label M. Prize womenswear winner. PATMOS, on her visit to. Carpets displaying the Woolmark and Woolmark Blend logo are an assurance of quality.

Insist on Woolmark rated Hycraft wool carpets for your home. Australia in October to see for herself the. La Woolmark Company vient de récompenser trois jeunes talents. Un événement qui a réuni à Florence le gratin de la mode dans le cadre du .